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Basic Linux Course

21 ชั่วโมง(3 วันวันละ 7 ชั่วโมง)

1.Introduction to Linux

  • History Of Linux
  • Compare Unix x Windows Server x Linux Server
  • Distro Of Linux
  • Structure Of Linux

2.File System Type

  • Differential of each file system type(NTFS,EXT3,EXT2)

3.Linux installation(With CentOS, Ubuntu , RHEL)

4.Command for use file

  • edit file(vi)
  • view file(cat , head , tail)
  • modify file(sed , awk)
  • find file or content (find , grep),listfile(ls)

5.Run Level

  • Meaning of each run level
  • how to config startup run level

6.Package Of Linux

  • package(rpm,deb)
  • command for install package(aptitude , yum)
  • how to configure repository
  • how to remove package
  • how to compile package

7.Type of Device HDD

  • SATA,IDE(/dev/sda,/devhda)

8.Manage User

  • add / remove user/group
  • modify attribute of user/group

9.File / Directory

  • Permission Of file
  • how to calculate permission number
  • What is link file?
  • how to link File

10.Command for manage file

  • change owner or permission of file

11.Basic Command for Network and Process

  • ifconfig , ps , top , netstat , ping ,route , arp , nslookup , traceroute , telnet

12.Type Of Stream Input, Output Direction

  • how to use input/output redirection(>,>>)

13.Send result to command

  • | , xargs

14.Regular Expression

  • Basic Regular Expression for character , symbol , number

15.Shell Script

  • How to write shell script and syntax of shell script

16.Automatic schedule command

  • crontab

17.Mounting Point

  • Type Of Mounting
  • Setting Of Mouting(/etc/fstab)
  • mount command

18.LVM(logical Volume Management)

  • What is LVM
  • how to install lvm
  • how to add/remove disk from lvm

19.RAID(Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

  • What is RAID
  • Type of RAID
  • how to setup software RAID


  • What is ssh
  • how to setup ssh
  • how to config ssh
  • how to transfer file via ssh


  • What is Cacti
  • How to setup host for monitoring with cacti
  • Monitoring Server with cacti